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President Of The Fitness Franchise, Fit Body Boot Camp, Bedros K

Successful Fitness Entrepreneur, Bedros Keuilian, Announces Brand New Article Giving Advice on How to Hire A Fitness Business Coach

Publish case studies. Case studies can be done on both a website and blog, in print, and in emails. Case studies are success stories that are shared with potential clients showcasing how another client was able to lose fat, get fit, have more energy with the fitness programs offered. 2. Demonstrate social proof. Include testimonials in video, print, along with before and after pictures in all marketing materials, such as a website, postcard, framed on the walls of your facility, in print ads and even on business cards.

Bedros Keuilian Discusses How to Start a Personal Training Business

Keuilian spent a lot of time as a struggling personal trainer before he saw success and knows firsthand how important hiring the right business coach is. That is why he released a new article showing those who are wanting to start a personal training business how to hire the best fitness business coach for their business needs. The article called How to Hire a Fitness Business Coach is out now and can be read at the popular fitness marketing blog Keuilian explains, As an owner or operator of a fitness business, personal trainers will be faced with a lot of new situations and challenges that theyve probably never had to deal with before. Theyll need to learn how to adapt or change in order to grow, and hiring a fitness business coach will help them to do that. The new article breaks down various benefits to hiring a business coach and offers solid advice on how to go about hiring and what to expect from a fitness business coach. Being a fitness business expert himself, Keuilian reveals why it is important to consider working with a business coach.

Expert Fitness Marketer, Bedros Keuilian, Invites Personal Trainers to the 1 Day Mastermind Meeting on How to Launch a Fitness Info Product

Keuilian says that he created Fitness Studio Formula to help fitness trainers and entrepreneurs who are wanting to branch out and open a fitness center or start a personal training business but are not sure of how to begin the process. "I know there's a huge fear factor that confronts a lot personal trainers who want to start a personal training studio. Every fitness entrepreneur faces the same fears; starting a studio takes too much time, it takes too much money, there's too much risk," says Keuilian. He explains, "And that's exactly why I've created Fitness Studio Formula, a total step-by-step program for trainers who are ready to create a massively successful personal training studio." Fitness Studio Formula program, available now at , features six modules and include bonus materials that give valuable insight on subjects like fitness marketing, sales, and operating a personal training business. In it, Keuilian shares the formula used by top fitness professionals and entrepreneurs who own and operate six and seven figure earning personal training centers to help guide personal trainers on the path of financial flexibility. "Fitness entrepreneurs be able to visualize, maybe for the very first time, what their studio will look like, where it'll be located, who will be working for them, how they'll finance it, the whole shebang. Fitness Studio Formula completely eliminates all the guesswork for those who want to open up a personal training business, says Keuilian" Keuilian's Fitness Studio Formula also offers detailed advice on how to market a personal training business and understand legal jargon to insure safe business practices. About Bedros Keuilian Bedros Keuilian, CEO of the company PTPower and President of the fitness boot camp franchise Fit Body Boot Camp, is a long time fitness marketing and personal training sales expert who has helped thousands of personal trainers worldwide grow their personal training businesses.

Some personal trainers claim that there are too many products focused on fitness information flooding the market, but Keuilian counters by saying, You'd think that by now there are way too many info products out on the market already fitness, fat loss, diet, and nutrition. But the reality is that people are searching out solutions to their fitness, fat loss, muscle building, and nutritional needs more than ever these days. The good news is that they're turning to the internet for these solutions, and that's where personal trainers and fitness entrepreneurs stand to gain a lot, if they play their cards right. During the Fitness Info Mastermind, fitness professionals and the like will learn valuable insider information on topics such as how to launch a fitness info product, how to craft sales copy that converts lookers into buyers, and how to dominate a niche market, even if its competitive. Helping fitness professionals reach their true earning potential is a big part of why Keuilian decided to become a fitness business coach. He says, take personal trainer marketing Mike Whitfield from my Fitness Info Mastermind group he came to a one day Mastermind that Craig and I were hosting. At the meeting Mike had no info product and no idea on how to sell anything online.

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10 Things Your Personal Trainer Won’t Tell You

Just add items to create a watchlist now: Add By Elizabeth O'Brien and Renee DeFranco Jim David / 1. Im a specialistin marketing myself as a health expert. Once reserved for the wealthy, personal trainers are now a must-have for the sweating masses. Today 91% of the members of the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association trade group typically full-service health clubs offer training services, and some 6.4 million Americans are currently signed up for sessions. The personal-training profession is booming, defying the sluggish economy with faster-than-average job growth, projected to rise 24% between 2010 and 2020, according to the Department of Labor. Click to Play Some 6.4 million Americans are currently signed up for training sessions and the personal-training profession is booming. But there are some things people in the industry won't tell you.

Fitness Marketing Virtuoso Reveals How to Open and Operate a Multiple Six Figure Generating Personal Training Studio

My point is to impress upon personal trainers out there that Ive spent years in the trenches, and Ive successfully created and sold personal training studios and I can help every personal trainer out there do the same. Fitness Studio Formula teaches personal trainers the steps it takes to open a studio, dominate their specific market, and earn six or even seven figures with their fitness business. The comprehensive new fitness business fitness gym marketing blueprint includes a collection of business, marketing, and legal courses that teach personal trainers everything they need to know to set up and start profiting off their new business. Fitness Studio Formula features an in-depth look at the challenges that most personal trainers face and how to overcome them. The most common issues that personal trainers have when contemplating how to start their own fitness studio are money, time, and not knowing which business aspects to focus on first. The thought can be overwhelming for most personal trainers, but the Fitness Studio Formula course considers everything that a personal trainer might have trouble with and shows them how to push through their limitations and grow their business to six and seven figures in just 12 months. I know there's a huge fear factor that confronts a lot personal trainers who want to start a personal training studio.

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Fit Body Boot Camp Founder, Bedros Keuilian, Shares Personal Tra

Coming back from Fit Body Boot Camp's World Conference, an event where all Fit Body Boot Camp franchisees and licensees gather together to learn more about the systems, processes, marketing, and support that the organization has available to owners, Keuilian admits that it was spending the weekend with such visit website accomplished fitness business owners that inspired him to write The Secret to Creating a Successful Personal Training Business. In it, Keuilian discusses what sets successful Fit Body Boot Camp owners apart from other fitness business owners. He says that it all has to do with passion and having a real love for what they do and the people they train. Keuilian explains, "See, the real reason why Fit Body Boot Camp owners are so successful is because they're passionate [link] about what they do, the people they serve, and it shows in how they market, sell, train, do business and get involved with their community. That makes all the difference. They're the ones out who are out there making it happen for themselves because they understand how important it is to take immediate action." The and Fit Body Boot Camp founder also reveals the best and most effective way to bring in new clients when starting a personal training business . Keuilian says, "For most people, happiness equals security, freedom, and fulfillment. The best way I know to have security, freedom, and fulfillment is to have money, and in our industry, money comes from one place - our clients.

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Social Video Marketing Exercises & Tips From A Personal Trainer

What would you like to leave people with about deciding if and how they should be doing their own social video marketing ? I want to remind people that social video marketing may be the latest "big craze" but that is not a reason to jump on the bandwagon, just because 'it's there.' Video, just like everything else online, will evolve and change. So yes, you need to be 'on board' so that you can evolve and change with it. But if you want to be truly successful with video, especially social video, you need to be looking at where your customer naturally is online already and meeting them there. So for me, a big part of the 'emerging social trend' is video email. go here (I use IWoWwe for my video email marketing needs.) Above all, whatever social video marketing strategy you choose, be creative, have fun, and think differently. Don't try and be 'perfect' and don't just make another video the same as everyone else's!

Personal Trainer Marketing Secrets!

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Fitness Boot Camps Offer What Gyms Cannot

"But I didn't expect it to be fun. It's challenging, but it's also fun." He now takes pride in pushing himself to achieve athletic goals he didn't think possible. "I never thought of myself as an athlete," he says. "But I ran a 5K within a month of starting boot camp. And I thought, 'I really have to start looking at what I tell myself.' " Stanley says he lost about 15 pounds in two months. "After about three weeks, I looked in the mirror and noticed my body was starting to transform." Teammates Boot camps have some special features. Many are held outdoors and often incorporate common environmental features such as stairs or ledges for cardio as well as functional exercises using only body weight or free weights.

fitness boot camp marketing</a> value="always">

Travel Picks: Top 10 Fitness Boot Camps around the world

Plus, you'll be tackling this life-changing feat with a group of like-minded, adventurous people. 7. Tulum, Mexico With ancient Mayan ruins and untouched beaches as your setting, a Bikini Boot Camp in Mexico will have you looking summer-ready in no time. Classes include circuit training, body sculpting, beach cardio, kickboxing, Pilates and cardio dance. Plus, there are guided bike tours to the Mayan ruins of Tulum and the Sian K'aan reserve.

Finisher Fitness to host Bark for Boot Camp event

Finisher Fitness owner Derek Gardner said the hour-long event is designed for all skill levels. Participants must make a donation to participate, but any amount will be accepted, from $1 to $1 million according to Gardner. Its going to be a fun atmosphere, a safe, effective workout, and it will be structured the same way we conduct the boot camps at Finisher Fitness. We have true beginners to the more advanced athlete, Gardner said. All proceeds will go to Justice Rescue, whose members will bring several dogs in need of adoption. This is a recognition of dogs who need homes, Gardner said.

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